We can help reduce platform-related accidents in a really simple way. Just get behind our lend a helping hand campaign and we’ll all be OK.

Remember when your mother used to say, “slow down, that’s how accidents happen”? She was right you know. Last year there were 1,490 platform-related accidents – and we want to reduce that number.

So what’s the plan? Well, it’s simple. All we need to do is slow down, keep our eyes peeled and be kind and considerate to others when on the platform, or boarding and alighting a train. You’re probably doing a lot of these things anyway, but we’ve come up with a handy list below just in case.

Gaps can be a little tricky to navigate for older people or parents with buggies. So please show consideration by giving them extra time and space.

Squeezing onto the train is not a fun thing to do. So, if there’s a whole bunch of people trying to get on or off the train, step aside and be patient.

Coming home from a night out? Keep an eye on your friends that have been drinking. If they’re wobbly, keep them away from the edge of the platform, and watch out for them when they’re getting on or off a train.

Keep an eye out for pushchairs, prams or luggage when on the platform. Sometimes they are prone to running away on their own.

No-one likes being barged or knocked – particularly those with a physical or visual impairment. And you might fall over too! So let’s not rush around.

Take a lift if you have baggage or buggies – it’s easier and safer for us all.

Some people like to walk around the platform with their eyes glued to a phone. This can cause accidents. If we keep our eyes on what is around us we can avoid bumping into people and things.

Get involved and make a difference.

You get the idea! It’s just about being a good traveller, showing courtesy to fellow passengers and doing things to make sure we’re all a bit safer. If you lend a helping hand, or someone has helped you, why not tell others about it – either by posting about your good deeds on Facebook, tweeting about it on Twitter (#helpie), or blogging about it?



The lend a helping hand campaign has been developed by the rail industry. It is one part of a wider strategy exploring how platform safety can be improved.

Read our strategy report to find out more.